Books by Jeanne Benedict

THE SOPHISTICATED COOKIE: The World’s Best Cookies Made With Popular Alcoholic Beverages (Penguin Putnam, Inc., September 1998)

Jeanne’s first book traded in the vanilla extract for spirited beverages to give a sumptuous kick to traditional cookie recipes. Packed with 150 cocktail cookies ranging from Absolut Citron Vodka Shortbread to Creme de Menthe Brownies to Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Treats, this creative cookbook garnered rave reviews and jump started her career as a lifestyle author.

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SOPHISTICATED ENTERTAINING: Spirited Food For Grown-Up Parties (Penguin Putnam, Inc., October 2000)

Jeanne’s “break-out” book with 386 pages full of recipes organized into thematic menus, cocktails, table decor, party planning tips, proportion charts for food & drink and a fabulous wine chapter entitled, “Under The Cork”, which has been noted as one of the easiest explanations ever written for pairing wine with food and understanding the wine tasting ritual. Bon Appetit Magazine recommended Sophisticated Entertaining in their special Oct. 2001 entertaining issue for those who ” feel like pulling out all the stops and just showing off” and further complimented the work stating that “Happily, the recipes, while elegant are manageable”.

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CELEBRATIONS: A Joyous Guide to the Holidays from Past to Present (Penguin Putnam, Inc., November 2001)

The Library of Congress has cited this book as a reference on the history of holidays! Full of beautiful color photos, this work offers holiday folklore and fact, menus, crafts, and fun trivia. Each holiday is thematically set and pictorialized in an era appropriate to the celebration, such as a Victorian Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving 1944, or an Art Deco Christmas.

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PREGNANT FOR 100 YEARS: From Conception To Contractions……Real Moms Tell All! (Penguin Putnam, Inc., April 2004)

This hilarious book contains hormonal one-liners and brief anecdotes about pregnancy from moms, dads, siblings, birth pros, and anyone who has been in the pregnancy trenches and survived! It’s short and sweet with just enough sass for the bon-bon girls and sentimentality for those who cherish every little kick from within.

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