Plan to Party Book with a Foreward by Jeanne Benedict

by Jeanne Benedict

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Hot off the fabulously-matched-to-their cocktail dress heels of the gals’ Plan to Party book launch at Henri Bendels, Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali have arrived at their party! Step back, applaud, and admire.  I love these two ladies whom I now call my good friends. Dawn and Elizabeth approached me about writing the foreward for their book after we’d corresponded through Twitter and various media ventures. I knew there was something special about them. I knew I wanted to hang with them on line, on the town, and in print.  So, here’s the foreward that I wrote!


Ever go to a party, not really knowing any one, and then instantly hit it off with a person to where you think, “Wow, we could be friends for life!” That’s how I feel about Dawn and Elizabeth. Funny thing is…we met on line in the world of parties and it was a mutual passion for celebrating, respect for each others’ ideas, and I have to say, a mom-vibe that you get from like-minded women who you want to hang out with after dropping off the kids at school, that made me fall in love with these gals!

Partybluprints: Plan To Party is brilliant. With this book, the authors have made hanging out in style a whole lot easier and less stressful for the party host by sharing tips, tricks, and detailed step-by-step guides for throwing four incredible parties from start to finish!

But, what I like most about Dawn and Elizabeth is that they’ve “got your back” through the whole party planning process. Sure, they have fabulous ideas that will make your event a success, but more importantly, they really care about the time and money that you’re going to invest in a party and truly want the very best experience for you and your guests.

In fact, you should think of them as your party BFFs (Best Friends Forever). They’re the girls who are invited guests at a get together in your home and graciously say, “Do you need any help?” Then, they really do help you from picking up empty glasses to answering the door when you’re busy in the kitchen, welcoming another guest on your behalf. They’ve translated that generosity, talent, and “nut and bolts” entertaining smarts into this book that will help you throw a great event whether you’re a first time host or a home party pro!

I’ve been in the party arena for a long time from writing four books myself, to hosting a TV theme party show, “Weekend Entertaining,” on the DIY Network, to making over 100 appearances as a party expert and chef on shows like the Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, and The Ellen Degeneres Show. But my daily career in the on line and social media world interacting with fellow entertaining experts and bloggers like Dawn and Elizabeth is the real life connectivity that builds inspiration for all the work that we love to do; you could say it’s a life bluprint.

This forward is more than an introduction of these wonderful women; it’s a toast to friendship; my friendship with Dawn and Elizabeth and your friendships spent in celebration at the parties and occasions that make up those moments we call life!

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