Halloween Bat House Decorating Party

by Jeanne Benedict

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Get creatively creepy for Halloween by hosting a Bat House Decorating Party! This holiday party idea is great for all ages. You can go “cooky & crafty” for the little ones or “spooky” for the ‘tweens (who may not necessarily craft, yet appreciate the bat-themed decorative efforts!). Make a Bat House Cupcake Centerpiece to anchor the party decor and set the theme along with some milk-carton-base DIY Bat Houses as examples for the kids. I’ve made it nice and easy with printable patterns (below) for you to pre-make plain black Bat Houses that the kids can decorate at the party as a fun activity that will get all excited for Halloween festivities.

I have an outdoor party room in the back of my house that has a back-lit bar and that is how I fabricated the glowing amber background with the bat silhouettes that set the mood in the photo above.  I bought the bats at a 99-cent store (5 glitter bats for a dollar; a bargain that would make any party girl swoon) and then stuck them on the golden backdrop, which created an ambience worthy of any secret Bruce Wayne room decor. The Bat House Cupcake Centerpiece was put together with a box and scrapbook elements.

I happened upon a plastic mold for chocolate bat cupcake spears at Michaels and created the bat accents for the cupcakes. Can’t imagine a more perfect decoration for this party! I made the cupcake wrapper with left-over scrapbook paper.

The pre-teens weighed in on the many photos I took for this party set-up and they agreed that the Bat House decor under the branched web of trees outside was their fave. So, above is the photo for that Bat House party set up. I think this is too scary for little kids (under 5) when it’s dark.  Given that most kids start trick-or-treating at 5 or 6 o’clock, you can invite them over for a late afternoon Halloween Bat House Decorating bash when it’s daylight and then head out as a group for the candy-collecting when the witching hour strikes!

How To Prep The Bat Houses for Your Party

CLICK HERE: For the Halloween Bathouse Pattern

CLICK HERE: For the Halloween Bathouse Pattern Roof

Give the kids a head start at the party by printing out the patterns, which you can get by clicking on the links above, and pre-making the plain black Bat Houses for them to decorate. I put the craft instructions right on the pattern to make it as simple as possible. Pick up some Halloween-themed materials like scrapbook paper, ribbon, stickers, and embellishments along with kid-friendly scissors, double-stick tape, and crafting supplies so the kids can have a blast making a Halloween creation to celebrate the holiday.

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