Honeybaked for the Holidays

by Jeanne Benedict

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Honeybaked stops people in their tracks. Seriously, even the UPS guy had a 10 minute long conversation with me at 8:30pm during the holiday season about a “Honeybaked moment” as he was delivering boxes of their offerings to my doorstep for a party.

Honeybaked for Holiday Parties

Twas the night before….well, let’s just say it was late into the evening for deliveries, and the many boxes of Honeybaked Ham, Cajun Turkey, Side Dishes, and Sauce Spreads sparked nostalgic moments and flavors for the UPS guy. But, this is the response that Honeybaked ham gets. I reached out to Honeybaked Online after enjoying their fare at a party. I have never seen food disappear so quickly on a buffet! Everything was eaten and everything got rave reviews. I served their classic spiral sliced ham and Cajun turkey with gourmet sandwich rolls and a trio of sauce spreads: honey mustard, three peppercorn mayonnaise, and horseradish sauce.  Beyond delicious!

I also served some Honeybaked Side Dishes, and while my fave was the Sweet Potato Souflee’, the big hit at the party was the Broccoli Rice Casserole. Also tasty were the Potatoes Au Gratin.

Honeybaked for Easy Mail-Order Gifts

The best part about my whole Honeybaked experience was that it was shipped to my door, and there is nothing that beats that kind of quality and convenience, especially when you are in major party planning mode! But, I also thought about Honeybaked being a great go-to for sending a “home-cooked” gift to loved ones for a holiday meal or (as the producer of my new TV show shared with me) to the parents of a newly born baby, to your empty-nester parents, or to your kids at college to make sure they are well-fed during finals!

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