Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

by Jeanne Benedict

Post image for Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

My daughter and I made these cupcakes for her school Christmas party. The ideas was inspired by a cupcake from my friend Tammy Massman-Johnson’s book, “Kids in the Holiday Kitchen.” It’s a great book for kids and my daughter flagged just about every page adding her own ideas to the awesome ones in the book! This baking craft needs little explanation except: put the mini candy canes into the mini Reese’s cups before you put them on the cupcake. Actually, we used a straw to poke a hole in the upside down peanut butter cup because the candy cane kept breaking it. If we did all this while the “ornament hanger” was on the cupcake, it would have sank into the frosting been a bit challenging.  My daughter was so proud of her creations and her first grade class loved them!

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