Edible Irish Lace Topped Irish Coffee

by Jeanne Benedict

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Nothing tops off St. Patrick’s Day like an Irish Coffee. This elegant, cold cocktail version is presented in a flute with an edible sugar lace topper made using a fabulous product called Sugar Veil.  Sugar Veil is a confectionery icing mix that simply mixes with boiling water and whips into a meringue consistency. Michelle Hester, the creator of Sugar Veil, offers a variety of products, from rubber lace imprinted mats to icing dispensers, on her website to help inspire cake decorators, and those of us who love crafting sugar accents for desserts or drinks, to do our very best work!

3 oz. cold strong coffee
1 oz. Irisk Whiskey
1 teaspoon brown sugar
Sugar Veil Lace Circles

Add coffee, whiskey, and sugar into a Champagne flute adorned with a St. Patrick’s day elastic charm bracelet around the stem. Top with a Sugar Veil lace circle and serve.

Create Sugar Veil Lace circles by applying Sugar Veil Confectionery Icing mix on their lace mat, allow to set, and then cut out circles within the design.

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