Halloween-Striped Cinnamon Toast

by Jeanne Benedict

Post image for Halloween-Striped Cinnamon Toast

So simple, so festive for the kiddies’ breakfast! OK, I’ve been making this cinnamon toast everyday for about a week. Imagine, mom-friendsies, waking up every day before school with all the rush and making this — but it’s really easy. Here’s how the whole shabang began: I’m gearing up for a splashy cupcake Halloween thing (coming soon) and I purchased one of those cake decorating shakers with 6 compartments containing sprinkle, shapes, colored sugar, etc… I never use the sugar, and so I was thinking about that (or rather the wastefulness of it) and came up with this fun idea for Halloween Cinnamon Toast! Enjoy.


1. Make a pattern (like I did in the photo using green cardstock or paper). Think piano keys!

2. Toast your bread and butter it. Sprinkle ground cinnamon over the butter.

3. Fold up alternating strips on the pattern and sprinkle orange sugar. Fold down the strips to cover the orange sugar and fold up the strips that were covering the butter. Sprinkle on black sugar. (A note about that: my kids teeth became totally goth with the black sugar but a little brushing will make them sparkling white in a jiff!)

As I was making this ampped up sugar treat, I also thought about the team color possibilities for basketball, soccer, football, even a fun Super Bowl breakfast for the kids.

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