Vodka Rainbow Pop Shots from Today Show

by Jeanne Benedict

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Perhaps the best part of this recipe is that the rainbow pop shot glasses are made with Crystal Light Lemonade, so these are diet and delicious! I experimented quite a bit trying to perfect the ice shots and what I found was that the mold is really important. A flexible Silicone mold is definitely the way to go as you can easily slide the mold of the frozen shot glass without having to run it under warm water and take the chance of the layer colors running into another.

1 quart prepared Crystal Light Lemonade
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue Food Coloring
Silicone Shot Glass Mold

Add red food coloring to one cup of Crystal Light until desired color is achieved and stir. Pour into shot glass mold 1/4 full and freeze until solid. Repeat the process with remaining colors, making sure that each layer is completely frozen solid before adding a new layer. Unmold, fill shot glass with vodka and serve. You can make these ahead of time, unmold and keep them in your freezer until ready to use.

Makes about 16 shot glasses

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