Football Corset Cupcakes

by Jeanne Benedict

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Laces out! Give a cupcake the winning edge by wrapping it in paper that looks and feels like a football.

1. Bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes and ice them with white frosting.

2. I purchased the football paper at Michaels – it actually feels like plastic, which makes it more durable.

3. Make a pattern for the cupcake wrap by wrapping white paper (or cardstock) around the cupcake and trimming it to fit.

4. Place the cupcake wrap pattern on the football paper and cut it out.

5. Cut 4 vertical slits into the front of the cupcake wrap for the laces.  The slits should look something like this:

|           |


|           |

6. Insert the shoelace tip into a top slit from the backside of the cupcake wrap and gently pull it through to the front (think sewing!). Pull the lace almost to the end leaving about an inch tail.

7. Then, insert the shoelace tip from the front-side of the cupcake wrap into the other top slit that is horizontally across from the first slit and pull the lace through.

8. Repeat the lacing that you just did for the remaining 2 bottom slits. Then bring the lace under the wrap to the front and thread the lace under the horizontal laces that are on the cupcake wrap so it resembles a football.

9. Bring the excess lace over the top rim of the wrap and tape all lace ends into place on the backside of the cupcake wrap. Trim off the excess lace. (Tip: Use the shoelace tip as if it were a needle as the slits can be tricky to thread. If you accidentally cut off the tip, just wrap scotch tape around the shoelace to make the lacing process easier.)

10. Wrap the cupcake in the football wrap and tape the back to keep it closed.

(This cupcake was designed by Jeanne Benedict as a Contributing Editor and Lifestyle Party Expert on )

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