Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

by Jeanne Benedict

Post image for Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Sweet yes; yet ominous too. Obvious candies give this holiday cupcake his character. What I mean are his eyes made from the tips of candy corns and a dab of frosting. Somehow, when I photographed it, it stared back as if to say, “Don’t even think of eating me as a cupcake or otherwise.” Your kids will love, love, love this turkey cupcake. Basically, you turn a frosted cupcake on its side, stick a Nutter Butter Cookie in it and then feather it with candy corns to make an adorable holiday cupcake.  I used a red fruit roll-up as his wattle.  Can’t wait for my little daughter to come home from school and see this! Happy Thanksgiving!

For each Turkey Cupcake:

1 chocolate cupcake
1 Nutter Butter Cookie
Chocolate frosting
1 whole almond
Peanut butter
Candy Corns
Red fruit roll-up

Place the cupcake on its side on a plate and position the Nutter Butter cookie where appropriate to be the the turkey’s neck and head. Cut a small notch in the cupcake so the Nutter Butter can slip into the cupcake and look authentic. Ice the cupcake top, side, and inside the notch with chocolate frosting. Replace the cupcake on the plate on its side.

Slip the Nutter Butter cookie into the cupcake’s notch. Cut the tips off 2 candy corns and use peanut butter to stick the tips on to the sides of the cookie for the turkey’s eyes. Use a toothpick to dab a bit of chocolate frosting on the eyes for his pupils. Slice the end off the almond and use peanut butter to stick the almond on to the Nutter Butter as the turkey’s beak. Cut a piece of red fruit roll-up to resemble the turkey’s wattle and use peanut butter to stick it on to the Nutter Butter neck.

Arrange the candy corns as shown in the photo to be the turkey’s feathers. You may need to put the cupcake in the refrigerator so the frosting is stiff enough to hold the candies.  A lot of candy tends to weigh the cupcake down or make the turkey tilt back. You can prop the turkey up from behind and keep him in the refrigerator until ready to serve as a plated dessert. Or consider using less candy corn for the feathers and serve as finger food or classic cupcake style!

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