Trophy Cupcakes

by Jeanne Benedict

Post image for Trophy Cupcakes

Win big by topping chocolate cupcakes with trophies. These are great for a Super Bowl party as well as a celebration to end a local team’s championship sport season.


  • Bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes and ice them with chocolate frosting.
  • Make a pattern for the cupcake wrap by wrapping white paper (or cardstock) around the cupcake and trimming it to fit.
  • Place the cupcake wrap pattern on gold metallic cardstock and cut it out. I also used a decorative-edged scissor along the top of the wrap to give it a little more style.
  • Wrap the cupcake in the gold wrap and tape the back to keep it closed.
  • Place a small plastic trophy on top. You should be able to find trophies like the one I used in the party favor or sport section of a party store.

(I originally designed this cupcake as a Contributing Editor and Lifestyle Party Expert for

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