Marie Show Photos from Jeanne Benedict’s Halloween Party Segment

by Jeanne Benedict

Post image for Marie Show Photos from Jeanne Benedict’s Halloween Party Segment

Here are some pics and product links from my Halloween Party Segment on Hallmark’s Marie Show.

Party City was my absolute go-to for most items on the tabletop from the sophisticated black platters to the boas and fancy paper decor hanging from the upright coffin. Plus, Party City has a great selection of candy buffet items in a variety of colors. I used purple, black, and orange M&Ms, candy sticks, licorice, gumballs, candy corn, chocolate balls, and shimmering black rock candy. My fab pirate costume is also a Party City fashion!

Another excellent online baking decor and supply shop I’m wild about is Fancy Flours. They sell edible wafer paper with some of the coolest designs I’ve seen and it’s really easy to use. The edible images come on a sheet, you cut them out, and use corn syrup to adhere them to frosting or fondant. Check out the Vintage Halloween images on the cookies below next to spider design chocolate covered Oreos. I also got the chocolate covered Oreo mold at Fancy Flours.

More Fancy Flours products: edible wafer paper Halloween silhouettes on fondant circles topping cupcakes and the spider web cupcake wraps. The amber gem spider cupcake adornment is a ring party favor from Party City.

These purple velvet cake mummy push pops were a big hit. I got the push pop molds from Laguna Wholesale.

I also want to give a shout out to Peillen Chen Brenner, the awesome food stylist, who made the spider brownies, cat chocolates, and chocolate covered Oreos.

And here’s the recipe link for my Purple Marshmallow Owl Pops!

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