Jeanne’s Brunch Recipes and Decor Tips from her Appearance on USA Network’s “Character Fantasy” (video)

by Jeanne Benedict

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USA Network has a wonderful gem of a show called “Character Fantasy” where people write in and ask for a shot at their dream job, celeb makeover, or special event! When the TV show contacted me about helping a lovely women named Donni become the ultimate hostess and throw a brunch for her family, I was absolutely thrilled. Here’s the video of the show and the recipes and tips I shared on “Character Fantasy” are included below so you can recreate this spread for your own family brunch.

The Brunch Table

The inspiration for this brunch table was Dixie plates! I played off the purple flower in the plate’s design to create a crisp palette for the display. Given that this was brunch, I used eggs as place cards.

Egg Placecards

Egg Placecards

Eggs (as many as you have guests)
Computer printed names of guests on white paper
Mod Podge Decoupage Medium (matte finish)
Foam paint brush
Patterned scrapbook paper & complementary color cardstock
Double-stick tape
White glue


1. To prep each egg: Carefully use the tip of a sharp knife to poke a tiny hole in the larger round end of the egg. Then, pick away at the opening with your fingers until it is the size of a dime. Empty out the raw egg inside and rinse with hot water, which will clean out the egg and strengthen the inside lining. Dry eggs on a bed of paper towels.

2. When the eggs are dry, decoupage the names on them. Make sure to cut around the guest’s name on the white paper as close to the letters as possible for a “clean” look. Apply the Mod Podge to the egg and and adhere the name paper to it (the Modge Podge acts as a glue). Allow to dry for about 5 minutes or the time printed on the bottle per the manufacturer instructions.  Apply another coat of Modge Podge over the name paper and the egg and allow to dry. Apply a final coat in the same fashion until the egg has your desired appearance.

3. To make the paper egg cups: Trim card stock to 8 inches by 1 1/2 inches. Roll the cardstock (refer to photo) into a cuff and keep closed with double-stick tape. Create a 1/2 inch wide strip from the patterned scrapbook paper and attach it around the middle of the cuff using double-stick tape. I used my Cricut machine to make the purple flowers and attached them with white glue. You can also use scrapbook elements or stickers to accent the cuff.

4. Place the eggs on the cuffs and set them on the table at each place setting to let guests know where to take their seat.

Iris, Moss, and White Rock Centerpieces

Nothing freshens up a table like a beautiful flower arrangement.  However, if it is the centerpiece of a dining table it’s a good idea to keep the arrangement low so guests can chat with each other across the table. This arrangement composed of irises, moss, and tiny white rocks looked gorgeous on the table and is simple to put together. You can see more of my flower ideas and tips on where I am a spokesperson for the Society of American Florists’ “Flower Factor” program.

Iris, Moss, and White Rock Centerpieces

Glass rectangular vase
Small white rocks
Green wet floral foam or “oasis”
Moss (available in bags from craft stores or floral supply shops)


1. Rinse vases, rocks, and moss to clean off the excess dust and debris.

2. Cut floral foam to fit inside vase making the foam half the height of the vase and allowing for an inch gap between the foam and the vase sides. Soak the floral foam in water until saturated.

3. Place the floral foam in the vase and add the white rocks between the foam and the vase sides. Add a layer of rocks on top of the foam as well. Make sure foam is completely masked.

4. Place a thick layer of moss on top of the rocks to the top rim of the vase.

5. Trim iris stems to desired lengths and insert them through the moss and down into the floral foam to keep them secure.

6. Place the arrangements on the brunch table and admire!

Brunch Menu

This brunch menu was a blend of homemade food, with a couple of recipes I showed on “Character Fantasy” that are listed below, along with Belgium Waffles, fresh fruit, bacon and scrambled eggs for the kids, orange juice, and Champagne to round out the menu! I hope to be on the show again soon as it was great meeting this family and seeing the joy in their faces as they dined and caught up with each other on the TV show! To see when “Character Fantasy” airs in you area check them out on USA Network!

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